Bundan Celtic Festival

The Bundan Celtic Festival is a historical reenactment held around the end of July each year.

Since the first edition, the success of the festival has been unbelievable: 15,000 people come to the floodplain park of Stellata’s Rocca Possente and are immediately enchanted by the magical atmosphere of this “unusual festival.”

Today Bundan is one of the most important Celtic festivals nationwide, has more than 30,000 attendees each year and has become an essential event for the Bondeno area.

Our village is the closest to the festival, a 10-minute walk from the park of the Mighty Rock, giving us the opportunity to joyfully welcome festival-goers to the sounds of “Animooo,” a typical exclamation you will often hear, any time of the day or night!

To stay updated on this event, please visit their website*: www.bundan.com

*The texts given are fully or partially copied from the event’s website/Facebook page.