The salt pool

Our pool is salt, which does not mean that it is seawater but that, through dissociation, the salt converts to chlorine and sodium for treatment of the pool water: thus there is no need for the addition of external chlorine.

This method allows for complete sanitization and constant purification of our pool while fully respecting the environment, while also deriving physical benefits.

The pool, with its 1.50m depth, is ready to welcome you in the hot summer months.

Remember the mandatory use of headphones.



Our brick barbecue available to guests is located near the pool, equipped with two convenient tiled counters and a small sink it is an ideal space for a barbecue with friends.

Please feel free to contact us for more information!






Vegetable garden and fruit plants

Our village is dotted with fruit plants and trees: figs, pomegranates, plums, apples, blackberries, apricots, and cherries; not to mention our vegetable garden, with different types of vegetables!

Our products are available to our guests who feel like snacking right from the branch!